Geological Time Scale

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A standardized set of icons representing each of Earth's geological periods. Functionally, these icons will be used in different contexts as markers for paleontologists and geologists who study ancient life on Earth. The implementation of a standardized system of labeling will expedite communication and understanding in these fields, whether its used for marking sediments at an excavation site, or organizing fossils for Museum and University use.

With every period on the Geological Scale, in which life existed, new species emerged featuring distinct morphology.

Creating a key to simply represent large periods of time and classifications of organisms can be perceived as generalizing, this system is merely used as a visual tool rather than a scientific measurement. It's simple and consistent style makes it easy to add to and revise.

Progress is made by building upon what we know, this system uses that idea to make complex classification clearer. Icons are commonly used in social interfaces and in many other utilitarian environments. There is no reason why such design tools cannot be used too serve in a more academic realm.


J. P. Kazior // Iteration IV.



J. P. Kazior // Iteration IV.