J. P. Kazior // Iteration IV.


Surf Barbara

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Southern California is famous for the surf, but between tourism, pollution, and the ever changing environment, quality waves can be a challenge to find. Surf Barbara takes the leg work out of trying to find a decent point and gives a map and brief of the most reliable spots along the Santa Barbara county coast.


Surfing is one of the few sports that is dependent on the forces of nature, this guidebook is filled with information to help surfers enjoy the power of the ocean, rather than be overwhelmed by it. For pro and novice alike, Surf Barbara gives the low down on each beach, from the behavior of local wildlife (or just the locals) to wave measurements and tidal stats.

The design process for Surf Barbara was a comprehensive print and layout study. Aesthetically, the design is meant to reflect the colorful counter-culture of the Southern California surf scene. The primary information in this book is analytical, but throughout, colloquial facts are included to highlight the character of these different coastal locations, and to emulate the mythic attitude of SoCal surfers.


The layout is such that it uses iconography, data visualization, and generally brief body copy to quickly communicate the plethora of information that comes with each beach.


For printing, the proportions are small and the  paper stock is light, making it easy to snatch up and stuff in your pocket when you're on your way out to the beach.


J. P. Kazior // Iteration IV.