john kazior

writer & illustrator

My work focuses on design from a ecological perspective (which is to say, I’ve studied design and I have some real bad mass extinction anxiety). Some have called my critique of whole foods’ atlantic salmon packaging, “unnecessary”. Others have said my thoughts on the cultural equity of pigeons are “hyperbolic” and even “incorrect”. but if you don’t find my ideas helpful, they may at least provide a bit of distraction from, well, you know.

Whichever the case, my writing may be interesting to designers, artists, creative people, but really could be to anyone who is screaming-internally about mass extinction and the climate crisis. What I hope, is that it can help some engage with ecological thinking without sending anyone spiraling into a deep existential depression (if I fail in this, at least you’ll be in good company).

To my surprise, I’ve written for some wonderful organizations like the Van Alen Institute, The Baffler, MOLD magazine, 1stDibs, and Core77.


Algae Demand Our Attention


Algae is hot right now, and not just because global warming is exacerbating massive algae blooms




Made in collaboration with the Van Alen Institute, and the New Yorker, I assisted in research for the short doc “Borderlands” directed by Merete Mueller

“In six cities along the U.S.-Mexico border, local planners, designers, and citizens work toward cross-border collaboration on shared economic, environmental, and humanitarian concerns.”


Lithium ion:
Expecting More (Energy)


As electric-car companies advertise the lithium-ion battery as the future of driving power, and as the necessity of the battery has become standard in the design of electronics, the true price of these little power packs comes into clearer focus.


Partial Fish,
Whole Truth


The Classic Norwegian Roasted Salmon (or CNRS for brevity’s sake) — of the “Changing Seas: Responsible Seafood” line of products from the “Blue Circle” organization, which serves its commodities exclusively through Whole Foods Market, a subsidiary of a corporation known as Amazon — is a sophisticated truth.



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