Bats are on their way out anyways…

I’m old enough to know, I’ve seen extinction before,
and let me tell you, that those little screechers
probably don’t have more than half a century left.
I think that’s ok. Unfortunate, yes, but we can’t save
them all, and I’m not going to be the one who starts a
“save the bats” campaign.

Bats have never been terribly moral creatures.
There’s a reason they have such morbid and freakish
associations. Which is typical of the nocturnal fauna,
which as a whole, are less likable.

The fact is we can’t give up agriculture, can we? Even
as a lover of wildlife like myself, I wouldn’t
sacrifice the prodigious industry we’ve built to save
the ugly little monsters. Livestock diseases will,
spread if their population spreads and I don’t really
know what other option there is. If they only knew to
stay away from the farms.

And Yes, they can, on rare occasion, be cute. Their
babies are very fuzzy and nice but what baby isn’t

Frankly, We should count ourselves lucky. At least we
don’t have to sacrifice any birds to avoid further
threat of pandemic. Although I guess there was that
avian flu… but that’s different. Perhaps we could
offer up pigeons, or maybe those infernal Cuckoos if
we must.

But that’s a conversation for another time. For now,
the real gems of the animal kingdom remain well

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