Did you hear about the new version of the OakBook that
LEAF is releasing later this year? They just announced
it. And thank god. I’ve been saying for years they
need to produce a model with a smaller screen but with
the k7 Hard Drive!

I really needed to hear this today too. With the
pandemic and everything, I’ve been feeling a little
bit depressed. Isolated in my apartment. It wouldn’t
be so bad if I lived with some other people, or if my
apartment was bigger than 40’ x 40’.

Plus after I got laid-off, also due to this damned
disease, its hard to keep my mind off of all the death
and widespread despair. When LEAF announced the new
OakBook, I felt like they had really heard me—or
professionals—or former-professionals like me. Which.
Where else am I going to get that kind of recognition,
you know?

Honestly, I wouldn’t be so upset about losing my job
anyways, because I couldn’t really afford living in
the city on the salary I had. Even though I was
working 12 hour days. I also hated that they played a
not insignificant role in the several millions of
acres in rainforest cut down last year, but still… I
did need it, because I have a ton of credit card debt
right now. Hah the next time I will be able to afford
a new OakBook will likely be 2050!

To bad too, how I’d love to have one of these new ones
coming out though, for the work I do it would be so
perfect! Did you see the product video? I don’t know
if the Billy Eilish song really was the best choice
for it but still it was so well done.

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