• famine for the flesh gnat
    As the sun rose over the horizon and painted light onto the vacant concrete of the Montgomery Community Pool, generations of flesh-gnats that made their home their, under chairs, in the landscaping, and in the few patches of […]
  • leaf™ 13” oakbook pro
    CONSUMER Did you hear about the new version of the OakBook that LEAF is releasing later this year? They just announced it. And thank god. I’ve been saying for years they need to produce a model with a […]
  • bathers on the styx
    DEATH I was ferried to that apocalyptic shore by Charon, who was visibly wearied by these busy days. I landed as bones and in full, haunting regalia. Scythe and all. From the assembled masses there was not a […]
  • give it up
    NATURALIST Bats are on their way out anyways… I’m old enough to know, I’ve seen extinction before, and let me tell you, that those little screechers probably don’t have more than half a century left. I think that’s […]
  • plague projections
    BRAND EXECUTIVE 1 “Despite the uncertainty of these times, things are looking great. We like just about everybody will take a little bit of a hit this quarter. In the long run however, the pandemic works well for […]